Stop The Merry-Go-Round! I Want To Get Off!

Are You Stuck On A Merry-go-round Lifestyle?

Do you feel like you are on a merry-go-round at a fun fair, just going round and round contentedly minding your own business and now all the lights have gone out, the people have all disappeared and it’s not fun anymore? Are you feeling demotivated, unfulfilled and exhausted because you have been going round in these same circles for 30 plus years ?  Perhaps you have just realised that you have less time when you look along the road in front of you, than has gone before on that merry-go-round.  That is quite a sobering thought!

Often we truck along quite comfortably and suddenly something happens and you realise that you have not quite ended up where you thought you would and that life hasn’t quite turned out how you had hoped it would be.   That doesn’t necessarily mean that it has turned out  badly – it just might be different to how you imagined. 

The Pandemic Has Made People Lift Their Heads

The massive challenges we are facing right now in the world with the pandemic, have signified the “lights out” and “people disappearing” that I mentioned earlier.    This has been a huge pattern interrupt (and worse), for many people, particularly where they have lost loved ones or their sources of income have gone.   Whilst I don’t plan to dwell on these particular issues here,  I do feel quite strongly, that they have to be mentioned and acknowledged. This pandemic has been the reason many people have lifted their heads to really see how their own life is panning out and whether they should jump off their particular merry-go-round and find a new road.

Newton’s third law states that,  

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

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So, tell me, are you someone who ended up on a merry-go-round, comfortably going round and round, enjoying the same views and experiences over and over? Has it served you to this point, but now you realise you have been feeling different recently? You are no longer happy with the same old, same old, and now that you have acknowledged those feelings, you want to expand your thinking and develop or re-train yourself to move forward to do and be more.  

When The World Was Your Oyster

Think back, if you will, to when you were late teens, early twenties to when you ventured out into the fairground that is life.  The anticipation and excitement had you lying wide awake and staring at your ceiling in the quiet of those nights, wondering about what lay ahead for you, what you would do, where you would go and how you would get there.  The world was your oyster.

You imagined bright lights that twinkled and dazzled.   Music that made you dance and sing without even realising you were doing it and being surrounded by your friends, all having fun together.  The world felt like a truly magical playground, a wonderful, exciting place full of opportunity and adventure, just waiting for you to pick your ride and jump on.  

When the time was right, you did just that.  You paid your money, took your chance and jumped aboard the highest, brightest, fastest ride that you dared, and off you went, round and round, and round and round.

Through the years the music changed, friends came and went, and you settled down to enjoy the ride.  There were times you picked a different attraction, but still you went up and down, round and round.

30 Years On ….

So then you blinked and fast forward 30 odd years.  

You have an established life and a beautiful home that you have worked hard to acquire and hold on to over the years.  You have the car and manage to take the occasional holiday when time and money allow.  More recently, the thoughts that keep you awake as you lie staring at the ceiling in those dark, quiet hours, are an entirely different set of thoughts.   These thoughts are about how you will make ends meet when you retire. Will you manage to get the mortgage paid off before you stop work, or will you have to work until you drop?  

You try to make sense of life as it is now, versus life as you imagined it would be, when you hopped onto that merry go round all those years ago.  Are you truly happy and fulfilled or do you still want more?

When I say “want more”, I am not necessarily talking about materialistic wants.   Yes, some people will want more money, a bigger house, a faster car, or world travel.  Alternatively, it could just be that you feel the life you are leading is lacking something.  Your motivation might need a turbo-boost, your relationship could do with an injection of love and romance, your exercise regime needs a rocket to get it going and you are in need of some fun and laughter.   You might be looking for something more spiritual and feeling the need to find purpose, meaning and fulfilment in your life, generally.   Whatever it is, there is a gnawing, a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach that tells you it’s time for a change. 

Do You Want Flexibility and Freedom?

For those of us still lucky enough to have work in these bizarre circumstances that we find ourselves in, perhaps you have realised that what you really want is flexibility and freedom rather than the constraints of set hours at a place of work.  Perhaps you are enjoying getting out for a mid-day walk with your four-legged friends and the thought of not being able to do that when life returns to whatever form of normality it returns to, is quite depressing.   Is a new found hobby or skill set that you are really enjoying, making you wonder if you could make a living doing that instead?   

As you assess your quality of life for the final decade or so of your working years before your retirement, and you start to challenge what you have believed all these years, perhaps it’s time you jumped off that safe, old merry-go-round and did something extraordinary, while you still can!

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  1. Não consegue ir passear com os cães? Não tenho, mas acredito que tanto para si como para eles: deve ser asfixiante…
    Gostei do texto, da referênca a Lei de Newton, da visão geral do percurso desde adolescência ate à idade adulta das responsabilidades – acho q quase todos passamos por isso. O questionamento. Gostei do blog

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